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Banock and a Movie 2008

Title Athabasca Edmonton

Urban Elder
Running Time: 28 mins.

"In his own voice Vern Harper tells the Urban Elder story of how he reaches into the past for his people's traditions, blending those old ways into the present so that the future can be a time of personal growth and spiritual strength."


April 25, 2008

kainayssini imanistaisiwa: meaning "The people go on"
Running Time: 70 mins.

"The catalyst for this expressionistic journey is the return of belongings of the Kainai, collected by Europeans during colonial times and kept in distance museums. As the community’s elders examine the objects and share stories first-hand, they reveal how the rich threads of Kainai life thrive from one generation to the next. From their traditions and language to their sacred beliefs, this is a powerful continuum of culture that cannot be contained in a glass exhibit case."


May 27, 2008

A Tribe of One
Running time: 40 mins.

"Featuring beautiful archival images and compelling interviews, this documentary captures Rhonda’s quest to embrace her roots and make amends for her mother’s pain. As she works to restore her Band’s land, culture and pride, she becomes an inspiration to the generations that follow."


July 22, 2008

French Man, Native Son
Running Time: 26 mins.

When 16 year old Jean Luc Battuz met Lonnie and Theresa Selam’s family on the Yakima Reservation in Washington State, he immediately felt he was where he belonged. Over a decade later they would adopt him as their son, and he would move to British Columbia in order to live near them. Though he is white and European, Jean Luc’s affinity with spiritual values of North American cultures drew him into a relationship with the Selam family.


October 24, 2008

Running Time: 104 mins.

Alanis Obomsawin’s illustrious career comes full circle with Waban-aki: People from Where the Sun Rises. Having dedicated nearly four decades to chronicling the lives of Canada’s First Nation, she returns to the village where she was raised to craft a lyric account of her own people.


November 21, 2008

Through these eyes
Running Time: 55 mins.

A study looked to the Inuit of the Canadian Arctic to help American students see their own society in a new way. This riveting documentary reveals how an educational dream became a bitter political battle over cultural differences. A fiery national debate ensued between academic and conservational forces. "Through these eyes" looks back at the high stakes of this conservational curriculum. Decades later, the American influence continues to affect cultures worldwide.


December 19, 2008

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